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Q. 8 What changes are required to make CCPM work?
Ans. For most organizations CCPM requires a shift in three areas:

1. Measurement- Common measures like earned value focus on completing any work on a project—whether it is on the Critical Chain or not. This drives the completion of “easier tasks” often at the expense of ones more critical to overall project completion. Similarly a focus on task completion dates encourages task estimates to be padded, reduces the urgency to start a task when it becomes available, and provides no protection for the project when a delay does occur. CCPM works when an organization manages according to its buffers and evaluates overall performance based on the rate at which resources consume or recover the buffer.

2. Information- The information companies need to make CCPM work is different from conventional methods. While many conventional systems can level load resources, none has the facility to place buffers appropriately, or to provide dynamic information regarding buffer burn rates. There are a very small number of systems that even claim to be able to handle these challenges.

3. Decision processes- To get different results, different decisions must be made—which means engraining new processes in the organization. These processes can be well defined and readily taught to key managers.
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