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Frequently Asked Questions.

1 What is Microsoft Project?
2 Why should you use Microsoft Project® for scheduling & monitoring?
3 What is Summary task and Sub task in MS Project?
4 What is calendar and how many types of calendar defined in MS Project?
5 How do you enter Milestone task in MS Project?
6 What is PERT?
7 How do project manager track the project?
8 How can I define the baseline in MS Project?
9 What is the purpose of indenting and out denting the tasks in MS Project?
10 How can I define the task inter-relationship in MS Project?
11 What is Resource Leveling?
12 What is Sorting?
13 Why
14 Why do I need to upgrade my skills in MS Project?
15 Why should I connect to
16 Are there many online or e-Learning centers such as
17 What are the major Project Life Cycle phases?
18 Can I use to get to know the modern concepts in the field of project management?
19 Why is Project Management one of the fastest growing disciplines in matured economies?
20 What is the difference between general management and project management?
21 Who are the developers of site?
22 What is the main theme in developing
23 Can I judge my initial knowledge of the fundamentals of project management?
24 How can I be motivated to log on to
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