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Level-D Course FAQ
1 What is IPMA Level D?
IPMA has developed the 4 level Project Management Certification on the basis of the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), which is the basis for certification across all the IPMA national association members.
2 Why get certified?
Getting certified is crucial in today’s global scenario and the number of certified persons in project management is growing exponentially world-wide.
IPMA LevelD certification helps you to acquire the latest skills and knowledge in the field of Project Management and to show to that you possess these qualifications.
IPMA LevelD is beneficial for both experienced as well as entry level persons across all sectors and graduates looking to widen their job opportunities.
Join IPMA LevelD. Enhance and develop skills and knowledge to work more efficiently and effectively, improve organisation’s productivity and for personal growth.
3 Why www.pmguruonline.com?
www.pmguruonline.com offers a par excellent, comprehensive training platform for all levels of professionals helping them to prepare for and acquire the IPMA LevelD certification.
It educates and trains persons across the board in a very interesting, interactive, user friendly and easy to understand manner to prepare for and acquire the IPMA LevelD Certification.
4 Why should I connect to pmGURUonline.com?
Project management is the fastest growing discipline. Fortune magazine had rated project management as the career choice # 1. In order to enhance your own 'knowledge value' irrespective of the discipline you may be associated with such as medicine, law, engineering, software, construction, consulting, you need to equip yourself with an understanding of the PM principles. It will give you an edge over others assuming other factors is at par.
5 Are there many online or e-Learning centers such as pmGURUonline.com?
There are many and there will be many more. The uniqueness of pmGURUonline.com lies in its mechanism of delivering PM concepts rather than rushing you through some form of credit system to merely prepare you for certification exam etc. We believe that learning of fundamentals which cut across the various domains within the structure of the Body of Knowledge is the key to success for its application. Our way of teaching to executives, managers, team members and students of universities/colleges is quite unique and based on over 3 decades of teaching experience.
6 How to register for the IPMA Level D Certification test?
Visit the PMCI website www.pmci-india.org and download the two forms i.e Application Form and Experience Verification Information (EVI). Send the completed forms along with your resume; one color photograph and the requisite fees to PMCI office at Noida for registration.
7 How to prepare for the IPMA Level D certification?
On your registration, PMCI will give you a set of the syllabus, sample questions, the National Competence Baseline (NCB) CD on which the Level D exam is based and some more reference material free of cost for you to start your preparation. Then you can prepare in four ways.
8 Is IPMA Level D recognized in India & other countries?
IPMA Level D certificate is promoted by IPMA and is adopted by the national project management association of 47 countries, that are members of IPMA from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA & South America. It is well recognized globally. In India also, many corporations from public and private sectors have recognized it and are advocating it for their employees.
9 Can we test our understanding of project management discipline before registering for your e-Learning course?
Yes, we have a separate module called PMKQ which stands for Project Management Knowledge Quotient. Based on your level of responsibility and educational qualifications, PMKQ will give you a fairly good measure of your understanding of the project management discipline. You can find out your PMKQ by clicking Test your PM Knowledge.
10 Why do I need to upgrade my knowledge in the discipline of Project Management?
A project is a vision, a need, a dream or a strategy which is to be converted to reality by delivering. Project Management helps us in the effective and efficient accomplishment of this mission. If that is what a project is, then irrespective of your discipline, whether you are a housewife, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a social worker, a government employee etc. it will help you in better planning and implementation of your plans so that you can control events the way you want to.
11 Why is Project Management one of the fastest growing disciplines in matured economies?
It is simple. The winds of globalization and extraordinary shrinkage of the globe into a village has made companies and societies to become 'projectised' i.e. they have got to be faster, better and cost effective to survive. The sun never sets on the globe. In this new scenario, it is imperative to create high compression of time to reduce the total time taken from initiating a concept to its realization. In 2001, Fujitsu, Japan has declared that “ PM is the New Economic Infrastructure”. That is why, project management as a formal discipline is emerging as the key area of growth. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard once said in the late 90's "There are two disciplines which would dominate the substantial part of 21st century…… and one of them is project management."
12 What do we need to make an area of work, a discipline?
Basically, for emerging as an independent discipline, we need to have a code of ethics and governance; standards; a Body of Knowledge; research activities to keep the profession running and certification for people to display their understanding of the fundamentals associated with the discipline. Project Management is having all the above 5 major ingredients. Though project management has been in practice since the beginning of the civilization, its modern day interpretation is new.
13 What is the difference between general management and project management?
Basically, the two disciplines overlap with each other. General management also encompasses planning, organizing, staffing, executing and controlling but it is more applicable to operations of the ongoing enterprise. Project management principles are more specific to implementation of a change, a project, which is a unique and temporary with a finite start and finish time and has all the attendant problems and risks associated with it.
14 Who are the developers of pmGURUonline.com site?
Some of the best brains in the field of project management from all over the world are behind the development of pmGURUonline.com.
15 What is the main theme in developing pmGURUonline.com?
A visitor to this site is a valued customer. She/He should be able to understand the concepts with ease and without tears. Should be able to build a reasonably good understanding in applying the concepts in a real life situation. Should be able to take the certification exams with more confidence. Should be able to go through the concepts at his/her own pace and convenience.
16 How can I be motivated to log on to pmGURUonline.com?
The most important element of life is "attitude". These 8 alphabets speak volumes. Attitude is the operating system of a human being. It defines the way you want to see, hear, touch, speak or taste. If the attitude is towards continuous PM knowledge acquisition, do opt for pmGURUonline.com to get the best. We want to offer our long-term relationship towards your knowledge acquisition. If you do not decide to join us now, keep in touch and at some point of time, we will meet and be co travelers in project management knowledge acquisition. Good luck and thanks for asking this question.
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