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  Need for pmGURUonline.com  

Knowledge is becoming the single most important ingredient to propel the wheel of progress in the 21st century.

  Project Management (PM) is the art and science of converting Vision into Reality and Abstract into Concrete. PM addresses the issues of change and transition through out the project life cycle starting from need awareness, initiation, planning, implementation, control and close out in a most effective manner.  
  Project management discipline has experienced an extraordinary growth in the last decade. Present day indicators show that this trend will continue for some time to come. Project management is carving out its appropriate place as a distinct discipline in its own right. For a discipline to be sustainable, it has to have its own Body of Knowledge, Research, Standards, Education System, Application Methodology and Certification/Qualification.  

Keeping in view the requirement of the PM profession which is heavily dependent on the spread of knowledge with an effective education system in place, www.pmGURUonline.com - a distance learning system is now available to all those who will like to understand the basics of project management. From these basics, one can prepare for certification and apply the knowledge gained in his/her area of work.

  Organization Structure of www.pmGURUonline.com  

There are 3 distinct interconnected phases of the pmGURUonline.com site.

Phase 1 Assesses your current PM Knowledge Quotient (PMKQTM)
Phase 2 Imparts the knowledge component in a simple and interactive mode to learn the intricacies of project management and
Phase 3 Prepares users for the Project Management certification schemes of PMI®, i2P2M and IPMA. pmGURUonline.com also prepares users for the CIPM and IntroCIPM credentials.
  Behind pmGURUonline.com  

In the field of project management, some of the best brains at a global level have been engaged in creating the architecture of the site as well as it's contents. The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) represent a very wide community covering academics, business leaders and PM Professionals.