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Preparation for PMP® Certification
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Preparation for PMP Certification Exam
  The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a leading, widely recognized and very well known project management certification program, the purpose and goal of which is the development, maintenance, evaluation, promotion, and administration of a rigorous, examination-based, professional certification credential of the highest caliber - the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. The PMP Program supports the international community of project management professionals and is designed to assess and measure professional knowledge objectively.  
  PMP Preparation using www.pmGURUonline.com (Module P)  

This module of pmGURUonline.com (Module P) prepares users for the PMP exam and is registered with PMI to earn Contact Hours to meet the education criteria for the PMP exam.

You must complete the full 35 hours of study to earn the 35 contact hours. The course is for 40 hours and users have 90 days to complete the course.

using pmGURUonline.com.
  pmGURUonline.com follows a very user friendly mode of learning available 24x7 to teach the intricacies of project management and prepare users for the PMP Certification Exam. Our PMP Prep courseware is fully aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK Guide) - Sixth Edition on which the current PMP exam is based.  
  This PMP Preparation module extensively covers:  
  The different sectionsof the course are:  
  This helps users to understand 125+ major project management concepts based on the (PMBOK Guide) - Sixth Edition and are the basic building blocks for the PMP exam. Users can immediately validate their understanding after each concept by answering a set of multiple choice questions. Right answers are given after every question to strengthen grasp the concept fully.
RIDL (Flash Cards)
  Re Inforcement of Knowledge through Discrete Learning section has over 1300 statements covering the 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups. RIDL statements are like comprehensive flash cards that help users to revise their knowledge and improve confidence level in passing the PMP exam. The section has over 200 multiple choice questions with right answers given after each question.
  QUestions and Answers with REasoning, another unique feature of the module is a test of 25 key questions designed to challenge user's thinking and expand their knowledge. Wrong answers are explained in detail right there so that there is no need to look up numerous references.
Full Length Test I (FLT-I)
  This is a practice Full Length Test comprising of 200 questions with 4 multiple choices and has been designed keeping the PMP exam in mind. A detailed summary is provided at the end of the test for users to review their strengths and weaknesses and improve their weak areas.
Full Length Test II (FLT-II)
  This is a second practice Full Length Test with another set of 200 multiple choice questions. A detailed summary is provided at the end of FLT II to help users to remove any weak areas that are still left and improve their future test results.
Analysis Reports
  These reports keep full track of your progress in FLT I & FLT II and provide you with detailed information about your strengths and weaknesses in the different knowledge areas and processes.
Powerful User Information
  At every stage of learning www.pmGURUonline.com captures your progress and keeps total track of your performance. Various types of diagnostic reports are available showing the users their strengths and weaknesses in the different Knowledge areas and Processes. Track is also kept of the time utilization on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in different functionalities.
Site Exam
  This is the final pmGURUonline.com site exam. There are 2 sets of tests with 30 multiple choice questions in each set. Passing this site exam is mandatory to get a Certificate of completion from the site to avail your contact hours. The pass mark for the site exam is 20 right answers or 67% marks. In case anyone does not pass they can take a retest by appearing in the second test.
  A certificate from Centre for Excellence in Project Management Pvt. Ltd is required to earn your Contact Hours. As a Global R.E.P. of PMI® our Contact Hours certificate is valid globally.
  • 40 hour of study available across 90 days earns 35 Contact Hours
Note: You must complete the full course to earn the 35 contact hours. One hour of login earns 1 Contact Hour / PDU.
  PMP Certification Exam information  
  The PMP exam which is administered by the leading Project Management Institute has 1 multiple choice Paper of 200 questions with 4 multiple choices per question. Out of the 200 questions 175 questions will be scored. 25 questions randomly placed in the paper will not be scored. The allotted time to completet the paper is 4 hours.  
  35 Contact Hours are mandatory to meet the PMI educational criteria to appear in the PMP exam.  
  PDUs are needed by PMP's to meet their Continuing Certification Requirements for re-certification.