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Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM - 50 PDUs)

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)


Talent Triangle: Ways of Working :28 / Power Skills :8 / Business Acumen :14

Duration: 50 hours available across 90 days

Course covers all aspects of critical chain project management.


About CCPM
  • History of PM and TOC-CCPM
  • TOC-CCPM as a tool
  • The success record of CCPM
Management system
  • Based on global principles
  • Relevant to achieve organizational
  • Rules & practical processes
The basic principles underlying TOC-CCPM
  • Mutual respect
  • God is in the details
  • Win-Win or No Deal
Practical processes to implement CCPM
  • Project staggering (pipeline planning)
  • Single project planning (analysis)
  • Daily management of ongoing tasks
  • Weekly preparations for upcoming tasks
  • Weekly buffer recovery planning
  • Short term resource management
Plugging the time & capacity losses
  • Drastically reducing students' syndrome
  • Drastically reducing bad multi-tasking
TOC-CCPM - A new way of working. This means we must constantly & systematically
  • From you v/s me to we v/s the problem
  • Move to healthy cooperation
  • Do whatever it takes for win-win
  • Resource all high priority tasks
  • Use practical mechanisms with teeth
Practical ways to implement
  • Templates to create project plans
  • Release control mechanism
  • Processes to actively manage high priority tasks, critical buffers & critical resources
  • Process Of OnGoing Improvement (POOGI)
  • Measurements of people through continuous feedback
  • Continuous audits & feedback
  • Unrefusable offers
  • Layers of buy-in
The new rules to manage projects
  • Create strategically buffered plans
  • Actively manage all high priority tasks, critical buffers & key resources