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The aim of is to create a virtual environment conducive to user friendly learning and acquiring of Microsoft Project knowledge with minimum difficulty and stress. Knowledge acquisition is best when mind is free of anxiety and pressures.
To get maximum benefits to learn and enhance your conceptual framework of Microsoft Project we suggest you follow the steps outlined below.

Note:- Step1-5 is meant for those users who don’t have prior knowledge of project management.  The users who have already acquired certificate in project management (CIPM) from can directly pursue MSP learning after validating the code.

Step 1:
PM Fundamental Learning

We suggest you begin the course by first going through the e-Learning section which contains different project management concepts. There are 50 key concepts relating to all areas and processes of project management. After going through each concept, you should then 'Test Your Understanding' of the concept by appearing in a set of multiple choice Q & A's given after each concept. Each question has 4 options with 1 right answer. You should be able to answer the questions correctly if you have grasped the concept properly. Please do revisit the concept until you are satisfied with your progress.
Note:- You must complete alteast 60% of the e-Learning section to be eligible to appear in our Mock Exam.

Step 2:
Reinforcement of knowledge through Discrete Learning (RIDL) (Flash Cards)

RIDL comprises of 295 factual statements/questions along with the correct answers and extensively covers all phases of the project life cycle. This will help you to grasp the essence of PM and ensures that your understanding of all the phases is very strong. At the end of each RIDL sub section there is a Q & A's session to verify your understanding. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can revisit RIDL as many times as you wish to revise again.
Note:- You must complete 100% of the RIDL in order to appear in our Mock Exam.

Step 3:
QUestion & Answer with REasoning (QUARE)

This section further challenges and validated your understanding by asking you to answer objective questions under QUARE.
If your answer is not right, will fully describe the reasons why your answer is not right. This eliminates your need to refer to various reference books and papers. In case you gave the right answer, you can still check why the other options would have been wrong. This gives you an excellent base to build up your foundation of project management concepts.

Step 4 :
Test for preparation & concept revision.

Test has 40 multiple choice questions with 4 options based on the CIPM exam pattern. This test will ensure your complete mastery of project management concepts and we recommend that you complete the test within 1 hour. You can take a break during the test as and when you want. Computer keeps track of the time you have spent in the test.

Step 5:
Mock Exam and Feedback Form.

The last step is to appear in the Mock Exam which comprises of 15 objective questions. Pass mark is 67%. Passing this Mock test and filling up the Feedback Form is necessary to start MSP Learning from the MSP online program.
Feedback Form This button will appear once you complete and pass the Mock test. The feedback form must be correctly filled up by you.

Step 6:
Enter your CIPM Code

The users who have already acquired certificate in project management (CIPM) from can directly pursue MSP learning after validating the code.

MS Project Learning

As this course is developed in Macromedia Flash, Users are requested to have a minimum Internet Bandwidth size of 128kbps. By having a higher bandwidth the screens will be downloaded faster.

Before Start up the course must check the following pre-requisites.

Flash player (if not found at your System go to New pop-up Window allowed because course will open in New Full Screen Window. Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 & Firefox)

The methodology of MS Project learning are shown below:

Use Case/Lesson – There are 7 lessons in MS Project online. They cover the required training comprehensively. These tutorial are user friendly and guides the student to understand the concept clearly.

QUARE – QUARE® module provides more Q & A with reasoning for wrong answers.

Lab Test – The Lab Test are practical assignments given to students to prepare and understand the concept of MS Project clearly. There are 20 Lab tests to equip students with hands on practice.

Test - There are 80 questions from all the topics taught in MS Project online.

Mock Test – There are 25 Questions to test the students whether they have acquired relevant skills in using MS Project.

The different modules of Use Case/Lesson used in MS Project online training are as follows:

  1. Overview
  2. Project Set up
  3. Enter Task Details
  4. Define project resources
  5. Resource Assignments
  6. Baseline and Tracking
  7. Reports

User cannot move to next module of Use Case/Lesson unless Q&A of previous module is solved completely.

After the completion of Use Case/Lesson, User attempts QUARE questions. The question which are wrong here are taught with reasoning.

The next step is the Lab test. The 20 Lab tests help users to work hand’s on using MS Project. After the completion of lab test, user has to attempt the Test to check the level of understanding in MS Project and then finally the MOCK test.

User has to fill the feedback form after the MOCK test.

These are the pre conditions for the user to show that he/she has satisfied all the requirement of MS Project online training. Based on the MOCK test result, Users are allowed to take the certification exam on MS Project.

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