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1 What is the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)?
2 What is Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)?
3 What kind of benefits would I see with CCPM?
4 What are the major project life cycle phases?
5 How have you structured Certificate in Critical Chain Project Management Programme(C3PM)?
6 Will the course provide good inputs of how to manage project using critical chain?
7 I get the feeling that CCPM is still very new, how old is it and are many companies using it?
8 What changes are required to make CCPM work?
9 I have often heard that CCPM requires a “culture change” in the organization, is this true?
10 I don’t think our organization is ready for CCPM, can we implement without having basic PM skills?
11 How long does it take to implement CCPM?
12 Our challenge is less managing projects, than managing resources. How can CCPM help with that?
13 Where do buffers come from and how do we size them?
14 What is the Theory of Constraints about?
15 Does this mean that through TOC we'll be able to generate an infinite output?
16 Isn't it good enough to overcome just the existing constraint?
17 So, if a constraint can shift from department to department, or from inside to outside the organization, what methodology or process do you employ to continually identify and address the constraint?
18 Don't people already have the capacity to answer these questions?
19 You make it sound almost too easy. Is it?
20 Who is Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt?
21 Why is Project Management one of the fastest growing disciplines in matured economies?
22 What is the difference between general management and project management?
23 Will it help me to get inputs to manage critical chain scheduling?
24 Who are the developers of site?
25 What is the main theme in developing
26 What are the commercial aspects of using
27 Can I judge my initial knowledge of the fundamentals of project management?
28 How can I be motivated to log on to
29 What is the structure of learning through for C3PM?
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